So, You Think You’re Doing Agile?

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Framework vs. Methodology vs. Mindset — a Common Misconception

Agile Practices Subway Map from Agile Alliance

Focus on the Data and the People

  • Are there any similarities for the types of tickets that are rolling over? Are they related to the same system components? Are there patterns in assignees or transitions? Untracked dependencies across other teams?
  • Did we miss anything in refinement that could have cut down on the cycle time? Was the ticket actually “ready to work” when it was picked up?
  • What processes would help expedite our work and how can the team support each other? Are handoffs being missed?
  • Are rollovers due to conflicts in customer expectations vs. value delivery? What are complaints or pain points? What can we do to ensure the customer is better supported?
  • Are the framework we are using (Scrum, Kanban, XP, Lean, etc.) and the methodologies we are applying helping or hindering the team?


  1. Are we prioritizing regular inspection and making data informed decisions based on those observations with a clear goal of continuous improvement?
  2. Do we maintain a focus on the people? Do we ensure that our teammates have what they need to get the job done and that they are each invested in the methodologies in place?




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